[From Phelps Memorial Hospital Center]

In June, the family medicine residency program at Phelps Memorial Hospital Center will graduate its first class of residents. One of the members of the inaugural class, AUA alumnus Dr. Anesh Badiwala (Class of 2012), has accepted a position with Phelps Medical Associates, the hospital’s primary and specialty care medical group.

“From the beginning, a fundamental goal of our program has been to cultivate the best and brightest family physician leaders for our community through innovation and partnership,” said Shantie Harkisoon, MD, program director. “We are very proud of Dr. Badiwala for being one of the first residents to fulfill that vision. Westchester is fortunate to be gaining such a fine physician and we look forward to working with him in his new capacity as a member of Phelps Medical Associates.”

“Achieving a position with Phelps has been a personal goal of mine since starting with the residency program in 2012,” said Dr. Badiwala, who earned his medical degree from AUA. “I feel grateful, jubilant and honored. The program has accelerated my skills and knowledge with the support of exemplary faculty and medical staff. I look forward to serving the community and supporting Phelps’ visionary plan for the future.”

In congratulating Dr. Badiwala on his appointment, Phelps President and CEO Daniel Blum said, “I’m ecstatic you’re joining us and look forward to seeing the growth of your practice. I know you will serve as a role model to every new physician minted at Phelps and an inspiration to those physicians who have been in practice for many years. Welcome aboard!”