Resident Videos

Watch our commencement videos and testimonials

2017 Graduation

Graduation day of AUA

Dr. Dhaval Pau

Internal Medicine Resident at Staten Island University Hospital

Dr. Bilal Khan

Critical Care Fellow at Yale New Haven Hospital

Dr. Eddie Copelin II

Internal Medicine Resident at Roger Williams Hospital

Dr. Sreekanth Cheruku

Anesthesiologist and Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at UT Southwestern Medical.

Dr. Radbeh Torabi

Integrated Plastic Surgery Resident at Louisiana State University

Jessica Thomas

Emergency Medicine Resident at Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center

Dr. Radmehr Torabi

Neurosurgery Resident at Brown University

Dr. Jasmine Riviere-Marcelin

Infectious Disease Fellow at Mayo Clinic

Allyson and Ehsan

Day in the Life

Dr. Jacqueline Choi

General Surgery Resident at Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Dr. Dona Hasou

Pediatrics Resident at Children’s Hospital of Illinois

Dr. Eddie Copelin II

Internal Medicine Resident

Dr. Vladmir Klinov

Internal Medicine Resident at Richmond University Medical Center

Dr. Adam Isacoff

Pediatric Resident at Saint Peter’s University Hospital

Dr. Hassan Masri

Critical Care Fellow at Queens University School of Medicine

Dr. Allyson Bagenholm

Family Physician at Hartford HealthCare Employee Health and Wellness Center

Dr. Vincent Gallo

Interventional Radiologist