Shape your career as a Private Physician

Have you been thinking about how to start your career as a physician? Then first, you have to think about the type of practice that you want to choose once you complete your medical school and become licensed to practice. There are several models for physicians to choose from private practice to being a hospital physician. A lot of practitioners earlier used to opt for private practice, but that trend is witnessing a fall nowadays. Though the number of private practitioners has decreased, the occupation is not outdated. Many doctors still choose private practice knowing all its advantages and disadvantages.

Many physicians start their careers by working at hospitals while some choose private practice from the very beginning i.e. just after obtaining licensure. Private practice helps in building a caring and respectful relationship between a patient and the practitioner. In addition to this, the physician remains his or her boss at work. For employed doctors many times this becomes a limitation and they lack the control over the organization for whom they work. Sometimes the working ideology differs between a hospital and the doctors working there. In private practice, it is also important to develop a warm and healthy relationship with the staff who work with the doctor. Private practice has the advantage of choosing the right person for the work whose working style and concepts match with the physician. Hiring the right team is critical for private practice to ensure the delivery of exceptional care to patients. This helps private physicians to keep focused on their work and develop a niche in their area of specialization. Patients, on the other hand, many times like the personal care and relationship that grow with the medical professionals in private practice.

Additionally, doctors in private practice have to take care of many things. Being the sole owner of their practice, they need to have some business acumen as well. Keeping financial and other administrative areas in shape is also important for private practice. Therefore, if one has an interest in that area, it would be a lucrative option to choose than being employed in a hospital or other health organizations. Private practice comes with independence and the potential to earn a high income. However, it is also important to recognize the risks associated with private practice. Negotiations are required for payment contracts and understanding the needs of the resources is also significant.

Considering all these facts, finding time for oneself while in private practice is a challenge. Physicians working in small groups get time to balance while sole owners of private practice many times cannot manage it. Answering calls often and treating every patient with proper care and patience are challenges that cannot be overlooked. Again, during vacation or holidays, doctors in private practice need to have someone who can help them take care of their practice in case of emergencies. A call-sharing group, in this case, becomes a big help to the doctors. Busy days are common in private practice which is a matter of consideration if you choose to opt for it. In private practice, physicians also have to hire, take financial decisions, carry out proper marketing along with managing the business alone.

However, many physicians are comfortable to work in different aspects of the medical domain. So it is a choice for every medical professional to make whether to go for private practice or be a part of a healthcare center. Whichever, be it, studying medicine from a renowned college is important. Study MBBS abroad is an easy and affordable option for medical aspirants nowadays.

The American University of Antigua College of Medicine (AUA COM) brings the opportunity to study MBBS in Antigua and the USA/UK/Canada and become a successful physician. With accreditations, approvals, recognition by the Medical Council of India (MCI), Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP), and UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) among others, the university offers three unique programs namely,

  • Pre-med to MD
  • BSc to MD
  • Residency in Education & Preparation (REP)

Gaining Practical experience through Clinical Rotations at AUA COM

AUA COM provides its students with the opportunity to acquire an incredible global healthcare exposure through its MD course. Students, after completing Basic Sciences at AUA COM’s campus in Antigua, in the initial two years, experience the clinical rotations affiliated teaching hospitals across the US including Florida International University (FIU) affiliated hospital sites during their third and fourth years of medical school.

Students during the clinical rotation spend weeks in the hospital to observe, interact, and then assist physicians, all the while learning and acquiring more knowledge in the practical field. This clinical training is the most valuable and significant phase of the program for students to understand the struggle that doctors or medical professionals go through while treating different patients. This sharpens their diagnostic ability, adaptability, and, nurtures their humility. Based on this practical experience, a future doctor chooses to be associated with a hospital or practice privately. If you too are aspiring to be a physician and acquire an MD degree for that, then AUA COM is surely one of the best options to consider.

Admissions are open at AUA COM now. Click here for more details.