Refinancing Your Loan

Recently, First Republic Bank, a federally insured bank, and SoFi, a financial institution, have informed us that they are willing to consolidate and/or refinance the medical student loans of eligible graduates of AUA who are in residency training—at very low fixed rates of interest. First Republic has quoted rates as low as 1.95 percent. In the interest of helping our graduates satisfy their loan obligations as painlessly as possible, we are making information about those lenders and their student loan consolidation and refinance programs available to our alumni. Click on the links below to learn more.  

AUA will continue to share any information that has the possibility of helping our alumni.

N.B. Please be sure to carefully read and to fully understand the terms and conditions of any arrangement that First Republic Bank, SoFi or any other financial institution may offer to you and seek the advice and counsel of those professionals who can best inform you as to whether any arrangements that the institution(s) may offer to you will work to your benefit before you apply for or accept any refinancing, consolidation or other arrangement from these or from any other lender. AUA is not affiliated in any manner with the either First Republic Bank or SoFi, has made no determination as to whether refinancing or consolidating your loans with either of them will benefit you, makes no representations to that effect or about, the accuracy of any information that you may obtain from the links provided in this email or that either First Republic Bank or SoFi may otherwise provide to you. AUA is providing this information to you as a service and will not receive any compensation or remuneration for providing this information to you or in consideration of your refinancing your loans with either First Republic Bank or SoFi.