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Dr. Jasmine Marcelin, Class of 2011, is honored with the prestigious 2024 Alliance Award for her outstanding leadership and dedication in academic internal medicine. Her remarkable achievements serve as an inspiration to the community, showcasing the profound impact of her contributions. Congratulations to Jasmine Marcelin...
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We are proud to announce that Kirill Alekseyev, MD, a distinguished member of the class of 2014, has been honored with a plaque from Leading Physicians of the World. This prestigious recognition highlights Dr. Alekseyev’s exceptional contributions to the medical field and his unwavering commitment...
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Addressing Physician Shortages and Supporting Medical GraduatesManu Mathew (Class of 2024) As a dedicated champion for additional funding for residency opportunities, I am inviting outstanding alumni, like you, to join me in addressing the pressing issue of physician shortages across the country. Despite sustained agitation,...
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Dr. Mayank Ohri (Class of 2016) and Dr. Adam Highley (Class of 2011) address new incoming students on campus during the Spring 2024 New Student Orientation.
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