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Dr. Tara Knisely (Class of 2022) and Dr. Philip Stone (Class of 2022) were fortunate to be able to attend the American College of Emergency Physicians Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. During their time in the nation’s capital, they represented their respective residency...
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Dr. Imran Khan (Class of 2021) was the winner for clinical vignette abstract at the National ACP competition in San Diego for Internal Medicine specialty. The case was on a gentleman with pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis, extensive pulmonary calcifications, diagnosed by radiographic imaging. The event was...
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We are excited to introduce our first newsletter, which was inspired by YOU, our alumni! Your active participation and involvement with our events have been instrumental in guiding our prospective and current students as they pursue their medical education. Together, we can help shape their...
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Osman Ali, MD, MSc (Class of 2016) is a Gastroenterology fellow at the University of Maryland School of Medicine/University of Maryland Medical Center. He was recently invited to participate in the 5th Annual Rwandan Endoscopy Week. This is a collaboration between Harvard Medical School, University...
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Alumni Newsletter July 2023
July 31, 2023
Dr. Knisely and Dr. Stone attend Emergency Physicians Conference in Washington, D.C. 
May 9, 2023
Dr. Khan wins Internal Medicine competition
May 9, 2023