Alumni Referral Program

As a graduate of our university, you know the power of an AUA education. If we’re going to be able to band together globally to defeat COVID-19 and future pandemics, we’re going to need doctors on the front lines who understand that diseases don’t have borders anymore.

We need to get the word out about AUA to the next generation of physician leaders. And as one of our outstanding alumni, you can help. Here’s how.

  • The Alumni Referral Grant. If you know an aspiring med student who you think would be a good fit for AUA, refer them to us. We’ll award them a $5,000 grant to kickstart their education, and you’ll know that you were able to help a medical student take the first step toward making their career dreams a reality.
  • The Alumni Referral Awards Program. If you can manage to refer five students, we’ll pay your way to Antigua for a four-day vacation. This includes airfare and lodging.

The student(s) you refer will have to apply, be accepted, and start at AUA in the next upcoming academic semester.
I really hope you can help with this important initiative. Our health on a global level is more important than ever, and we need to protect it. I genuinely believe our students can make a very real difference in the years to come.
Refer a student using this form.